Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ever work by hand, or is it all done on computer these days?

A: I was trained in “traditional” media, including pen & ink and watercolor, colored pencils and acrylics, but most of my work now focuses on using 3D computer software to create models, add textures, and render, and 2D software to create line art and to do digital painting. I still sketch with pencil and paper at the brainstorming and conceptual stages.

Q: What software do you use?

A: I use a number of different programs in conjuction, and will use several different ones depending on the project, and what's most appropriate for it. Some of the ones I use the most are form•Z, Lightwave, World Construction Set, Leveller, and Photoshop.

Q: Do you use a Mac or a PC?


Q: What software do you recommend for someone starting out with 3D graphics?

A: That really depends on too many factors to give one answer. There are a lot of good software packages out there now. Send me an email saying what you want to accomplish with it and so forth, and I'll try to answer.